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  shl's players 2012-2014

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 shl's players 2012-2014 Empty
PostSubject: shl's players 2012-2014    shl's players 2012-2014 EmptyTue Sep 06, 2016 1:59 am

Hey guys I am starting this topic because I feel a little bit bad when speaking of shl's  great players we always bring up the same old names namely yui,ezchi,night,X etc... (of which I've been lucky enough to play with Ezchi and X) while some other great guys are not named because they started playing when shl had been left by nearly all old players.

I don't want the memory of these players go wasted so I would like to recall the memory of Flames,Collapse,Beowulf,Wanted,Wynette,Anes,Irish and Sazuke (I might be losing someone ,forgive me for that).

(You never heard of them,right ?)

Well,I've had the pleasure of playing them in the time which goes  roughly from 2012 to the end of 2014 (mostly in the summer of 2014) , so let me talk a little bit of this time of stronghold which I  know pretty well since this was the time I've been playing the most.

So here we go :


Let me start off by saying that at this time the  race we would ofen play  was ARTHUR.

I think the main reason goes to the fact that we all had the opinion that Arthur was the race where more skills had to be used rather than  Evil and Ice.

(True or wrong it really doesn't matter at this point )

So there were mainly at this point 3 clans running the show on stronghold legends:they were Invictus,LnX,Ds(the other minor clans were Plague,Ms and uni ).

I was the leader of Invictus with my mate Collapse ,Wanted was the leader of LnX  with Irish and Flames was the leader of Ds with another guy I can't remember the name of,while Beowulf was in LnX,Sazuke had been both in InV and LnX ,Wynette was in InV and Anes couldn't care less  about joining a clan .

There was a huge competition between  us for who was the best arthur player and It was a really tough competition because there wasn't one of us who would completely dominate the game permanently (like for some months in a row ) but it was a matter of days.

I remember having with all of these guys really insane games,with wins and loses;in particular with Flames,Wanted and Wynette who would really make my hand hurt so much after a game with them.

When it came to ice race ,Wanted was the best player on that night and day,I can't say much about evil race since it was the least played race.

Finally,They were really players so talented I had really pleasure playing with;I hope to see them in future.

So that's my two cents on this and now I can feel good having given them the right place they deserve.

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shl's players 2012-2014
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