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 Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time

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+ EzChi +

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PostSubject: Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time   Tue Nov 15, 2016 4:09 am

This is my perspective, Through out my entire career of this game of the Top 10 Best Players of SHL.

Thank You All for being apart of the game, Hopefully we stay in touch!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time   Mon Nov 28, 2016 2:25 pm

(Sorry for my english but the post it's too long and I have not red it again ahahhah. I hope that all it is understandable...)

Hi Ezchi! And thanks for this fantastic video!
I want to add “few words” on this topic and on the “Pro gaming” in SHL.
This game has been active from 2006 to 2012. I was in game from 2007 to 2011. I have seen 2 different “eras”: the first (from 2006 to 2009) populated by a lot of clans as AoD, LBC, LoD… and the second one (from 2009 to 2012) with a lot of free players and few clans. These two eras have been very different and your video, in my opinion, is perfect for the first era. A lot of players that know me as “Bounty” now they are probably wondering “where were you in 2007?? I saw you in a pro game an on the SHL forums only after 2009”. The answer is yes, it’s true. I played with other names and at the begin I have always refused to take part of a pro clan. The reason? Simple… now we have to define what for the generic SHL player mean “pro” and what I mean with “pro”.
For the 90% of the players that define themselves “pro”, to became a pro, you need to win a match vs another pro in a flat map with 2 type of settings (high or low… but with specific amount of resources), using a single race (in a lot of case Arthur), in koth or dm. Can you see the huge problem? The problem is that in this strategic game, you can mechanically build the same eco, the same units (where build faster is more important rather then build with your own brain). How many “pro” players have you met with these characteristics? I cant remember an host of a player with a tag within his name where the player haven’t kicked me out of the host because: 1. “you have not a tag” (you are a noob), 2. “You don’t wanna play Arthur”, 3. “you want to play capture the flag”,….
I cant remember until 2009, one of my hosts where these “pros” asked me to put the standard peace time, to change the game type, to change map, to use only Arthur, to enable the trade, to use rules,… A day of 2009 two players have joined my host. I remember this game as if it were yesterday… Me and my brother vs Nightmare and Lyckety. It was DM in a map with few space for the eco, few space for the walls of defence and a mountainous battlefield. We lost the game but It was incredible (for us and for them). I remember the words of Lyck…(one of them were “I’m the best player ehehe”, but he thank us for the game and we have exchanged the contacts to have some other matches like it. Few days later in another host, me and my brother were waiting for two people in a capture the flag match. Probably the player that has logged before the other, also remember this fantastic game. This player was MR.X… His first words were… “Woooooooooooo, I go to search a mate in the lobby” and he is come back with lod-t egidjus. Unfortunately, the game is crashed after lot of minutes of this fantastic game. After this match I decide to join the xt clan recruited by Iser and finally promoted to 7xt by kronik. After that I became uaes and I have tried to train a lot of people in all the other races. I thought… maybe if I have a tag in my name the other “pro” would listen to me… unfortunately no ahahah. I never played with a good player a no trade of evil, a low in ice, a match with different races … how many players have accepted to play with me or have finished a match is a “realistic”map? The answer is 0 or nearly. This is the main reason that have ruins the average skill of the player of the second era.
For this reason Ezchi, for me the best players are the players that have put a change in the game (the fight game of judgement day)… the players that have study all the aspects of the eco (Lyck, Night,MRX,Yui,…) and have the ability to play with their mind before to play with a finger with the Parkinson desease eheheh. Unfortunately, I played maybe once vs you and probably in the first part of my “pro” career so I cant judge you but from our recently speak I think you are one of these fantastic players.
To be honest I have not a list but I want to thanks all the player that have made this game epic for me. I want start to MRX and o follow Yui, Night, Lyck, Checherwurst, Fly, luffy, my Italian team (Anes,Conrad,Fyre,..) and finally you ezchi, for your video, for our matches and for the recently chats after years to remember these epic times!

I have a message for the new generations!! Make your own economy for all the 3 fantastic races! Take a study of all the units and how to use it in all the setting you want to play! Only this can make you the next best player of the steam era of Stronghold legends!!

See you guys!!
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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time   Tue Dec 20, 2016 9:29 pm

I've seen the movie, all 30 minutes of it and first of i'm honored. Because quite frankly I think there are enough names that should have made that list based on your criteria, especially regarding the skill and long term playing variables.

That said i think we can all agree on yuiyui(long live the netherlands lol! ) Nightmare and Judgement to finish the top 3.

Like you also stated regarding lyckety that alot of people would disagree with you and that he was accused of freezing but still one of the best players. It's your list, and your top ten. But i know your skill and i could beat lyckety, and when i lost to him i would fairly concede. But lyckety has never lost a game. Perhaps vs nightmare but also not vs yuiyui, or shady or judgement (or maybe waaaaaaaaaaay back in the old days)
Fair sportmansship is something i find even more important then how many years someone played, and trust me everyone on your top ten list has probably played lycket, and won/have the game frozen on.

Furthermore i think names like Lod execution, and the original leader of LBC (can't remember his name tho... was it sean?) I've heared his skills were legendary, so i'm kinda surprised to not see him on the list (tho i've never had the honor of fighting him)

By far, (aside from my losing battles with yuiyui) my hardest, most intensive match was vs judgement day when i was at my prime, and he was faaaaaaar from his prime. Battle lasted two hours i think on vulcano, but one of the most intensive fights i've ever experienced.

immortal technique is a name i've never heard before. Did he use different aliasses? Cardinal perhaps?

To be fair i thought you where a "fairly" new played initially seeing the name "Ezchi" suddenly popped up with an LoD tag, when i think Lod was at it's demise. Did you happen to use other in game names before ezchi? You kinda made me curious. Tho i played for a fairly long time, me entering the "pro" gameplay happened a little bit before i joined uaes(apparently oktober 2008, god more then 8 years ago!!!!). i've never seen Ezchi until i think.. 2010? something like that? Then again we got some time difference so who knows.

All in all an interesting video to watch, and a big thanks i think from the stronghold community who is able to see some of the strongest shl players who played the game(especially the old history was nice).



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PostSubject: Re: Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time   

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Top 10 SHL Players Of All Time
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