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 UAES†Holy Spirit Vs 7X† Hapety

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PostSubject: UAES†Holy Spirit Vs 7X† Hapety   Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:16 am

Its a Volcano map High Settings.At the end of pt he got merlin ,gawain and perci and i got dragon and a

perci And Soon I got my merlin tooo .the battle was beggin i made a good thing that i used my king

summon before he usses and send 1 knight to kill his merlin as he is near the barracks and send some

other to destroy the towers.I killed his merlin and he didnt noticed that because he used his king summon

directly on my king and he Send his kinghts to destroy an empty towers the tower war started.

he got his second merlin i Killed his merlin with my perci.Before i use my merlin special he used perci on

my merlin but my merlin survived .i used my Merlin special on his towers And killed Some of his troops

After That he used gawain on my towers and killed some troops.soon i got gawain and i used my gawain

on his towers i got some of his troops.when i used the gawain i went use my king summon on his troops

my Bad my king went over his troops and he send some macemen to kill my king he almost got my king i

escaped .he used his merlin again and i used perci his merlin survived .but no problem lol i got his

merlin by my perci and some more macemen. now its the time to Use my dragon .he didnt got any

dragon defence lol.i started firing and he using the battlefield well.Finaly I owned on battlefield and got his

barracks he came out with his king to summon on me.I got his king with my x bows As he tried to kill my

king before.So i got his king now.Its a GG.
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UAES†Holy Spirit Vs 7X† Hapety
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