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 A new Great Family...

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A new Great Family... Empty
PostSubject: A new Great Family...   A new Great Family... EmptyThu Sep 01, 2016 2:52 pm

Hey all guys!
I hope that all of you are fine with your real life! All of us are amazed for the new SHL edition of September. Few months ago I was active on Game Ranger but without the lobby and a little number of players with different versions of the game this return was been nearly useless.
But surprisingly I had the opportunity to meet again players as Ezchi, YuiYui, X, Anes, Nightmare and Conrad! That was amazing… after 8 years… all of us has only good memories of this game and of the players in it. Now we are 18-30 years old and we are grow up; all of us are focused on other goals on virtual or real life but anything can delete this experience! As a lot of players are proposing, we NEED to make a reunion in SHL as an old virtual family… I remember that I was in trouble with Fyre or ANES or Lyck or Matt hardy or Isolation etc. … but honestly the desire to meet them again is strongher than this little teen quarrel! I hope too see you all guys in this new edition to rebuild the great family (the clan in not so important) of the old pro player of this fantastic games!
Best Regard!
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A new Great Family... Empty
PostSubject: Re: A new Great Family...   A new Great Family... EmptyThu Sep 01, 2016 8:55 pm

Well said Bounty.

It is a truly important moment for stronghold legend as I feel that this  may be the beginning of something great ,maybe a new great season of pro gaming (I still remember the difference between pro/noob on stronghold legends haha ).

But let me point out something I think  is important for this new start.

As the game will be launched by steam ,new players will  discover ,I hope, stronghold legends's multiplayer  and I think it would be great if some of us , the willing ones, would share the basic pro-style gaming to at least some of these new players(or just give to  them the link of this forum so they learn by themselves):this will  raise the possibility of a new beginning and it won't  let shl fade again pretty soon after we,the old players, have some fun  playing with it and leave again .This is somewhat ambitious and maybe boring I know.

Surely I am the first one willing to do that altough  I haven't  the same  free time I had when I first started playing stronghold legends at age 13 (you can guess I am pretty old now ;P ).

Let me know your opinions on this guys even if you think that this is complete bullshit.
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A new Great Family...
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