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 Do you want to play or to be trained ?

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Do you want to play or to be trained ? Empty
PostSubject: Do you want to play or to be trained ?   Do you want to play or to be trained ? EmptyTue Nov 27, 2012 1:12 am

Hey guys,

As a uaes member coming back, I gotta say that I'm ready to play versus anyone here. I just wanna say I'd prefer to play ice, evil or no trade. But if you can only high artu, that's fine with me, I'm pretty good with it too.

So about my online time : saturday in the night (european time) would be great. Because I'm studying a lot.

About training : my best race is ice, and then evil, so I can give some tips. I can learn you how to use merlin, how to defend it, how to hide it. I'm kinda good with it, my merlin. But it's hard to use him in 1v1, so in the current way of playing. I cant teach much about high artu because you all just play this but I guess much of you cant move their merlin without getting perci on it. You have to know I wont just give you tips, but we will do some training matches and then at end I will tell what you did wrong.

So if you wish a match or to be trained just PM me or post here.

By the way, I'm not saying I'm the best here, I just say I can help anyone who needs it and I'm ready to fight anyone too.

Thank you for reading guys.
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Do you want to play or to be trained ?
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