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 Basic Srategies in SMAll ROOM

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PostSubject: Basic Srategies in SMAll ROOM   Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:24 pm

Priorities estimates the number of buildings are:

1. agricultural buildings for food with the ratio of farm / bakery: a population of at least 5: 32 to be food = double, popularitation + 8

2. candle-building churh (Arthur & Ice race) with a ratio of candles: population 1: 13 to be setting the candle consumption = double, popularitation + 4 & honor

3. inn-farm/hopes/tanner building by selling their production units to supply buy beer, the ratio of units of product: the populations of at least 2:32 to be setting the consumption of beer = double, popularitation + 8

4. building-farm kitchen / Hopes / tanner with by selling the production unit to supply buy kitchen menu, the ratio of units of product units: a population that is at least 2:32 to double the consumption setting> + honor

So the ratio of production units compared: the population to get the maximum tax setting is 10-11:32.
Remember to build a wood camp to reach the population of workers who could be taxed, for example 44 individual production units by the number of wood camp was built (102-44): 8 = 7, so a total of at least 128 buildings for a population of production units is 44 + 7 units of the shadow.

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Basic Srategies in SMAll ROOM
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