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PostSubject: BATTLE BASIC STRATEGIES   Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:19 pm

preemptive strike
ü Terms: take into account the economic strength of first
ü Formula etc:
Waiting to see signs and anticipate your opponent, this is for limited
funding as the economy looks more superior opponent with an attack only
to confront
- The initiative to attack first, it applied when our economy is more robust or fragile condition of the opponent's defense
- The combination of initiative and anticipation, this applies when we do attack gradually to control field in the middle

row confuse opponents
ü Terms: opposing force is not contained Ice Quen / Sorcerer / Merlin, if it must be removed first with a ranged or science
ü Formula etc:
- Long-distance use treb (with rotting cow) / ballista / catapult / archer who escorted
Close range use strong force and hold the arrow (Giant / Knight / siege
tower) are supported by long-distance forces behind it.
- Use the powerful forces protecting crashing a special unit to carry out their knowledge
- Use special forces (magic) with front protection or to pave the way for him.

pacer (ram) territory defense
ü Terms: secure area to minimize the degree of destruction of our troops by the arrow trap and attack the defense
ü Formula etc:
strategy similar to confuse opponents line but followed up through the wall with the use stairs or menjebolnya

defense in the battlefield
ü Formula etc:
A simple defense system is a single layer in front of the siege tower
and guarded by an arrow; catapult behind it to block the opponent
forward and get busy arrows opponent
- Layered defense system such as
the defense system on top with arrows is increased up SG and protected
troops sword, made 2 layers and layer-3 is a layer for reserve forces
- A strong defense system of layered defense by an attack in front of pertahaan by catapult / ballista / strong sword forces

own regional defense
ü Formula etc:
A simple defense system is a single layer without the tower walls and
guarded gates stairs with an arrow beneath it so that when the enemy
rose keatasnya can easily be targeted
- Layered defense system with 2
layers of walls separated by a gap space between the layers as a place
laid Barak and Fantasy guarded tower with arrow
- A strong defense system with several layers of thick walls with a ditch among the troops who guarded

3.DECEIVING (distract)
breaking focus or force the opponent
goal broke the focus to do other important actions, namely to kill the
king, embarked science etc., or do what we want the response
- Long-distance use treb (with rotting cow) / ballista / catapult / archer who was escorted to the opposite sequence interrupted
- Remotely using a guarded treb / ​​do not attack your opponent directly building
Snapping pretend (forward and backward immediately after the opponent
hooked) to launch malicious attacks so that the opponent hooked to
forward facing
- A major war with the calculation even though we left
the war paukan automatically be able to occupy the opponent even urged
variation of the action of the opponent's response
- Opponents busy with the damage that we make and we launched a major attack
- Forward facing opponent's attacks and we pretend to prepare a trap or a real attack

i. hancukan economic and population
ü Requirement defense loose
ü Formula etc:
- Minimal or just use trebuket escorted catapult or some demon forces to destroy the stockpile etc. The Granary
- Use wicth to kill people
Use a single unit of shock troops consisting of at least 6 ladderman
for the open road, 15 arrows to Prevent guards or kill people in front
of the castle, 15 maceman to destroy Granary etc.

ii. suicide king
ü Formula etc:
If the king was alone then use one unit of troops ladderman 6 (for the
open road) with 25 or 8 maceman knight or king / Percy (science is used
when the king's opponents use his knowledge) +4 knight, always
accompanied by archers to inhibit the movement of an opponent who helped
If the King come up with a bodyguard then for a second attack that is
partially blocking the lainny summon and keep moving forward to attack
the king

Slow Infiltration
- Get up again the wall; ditch defense began to look as much as possible when pressed
- Pairs of traps
- Crush infiltration by troops summoned, magic, etc.
Protecting the King, for the protective forces or hide the king above the castle tower with no stairs disampaing
Protecting the population make a fence around the campfire
Ruffled attack, destroy barracks / Fantasy and wakes up in an empty place for the production forces and so on

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