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 Master Secret on LOWEST SETS, NO FOOD-RESOURCE, NO MINE,TRADE, PT 20 M, Starting from RANK-1

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PostSubject: Master Secret on LOWEST SETS, NO FOOD-RESOURCE, NO MINE,TRADE, PT 20 M, Starting from RANK-1   Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:56 am

# Build Stocks pile, Granary

^ Granary; buy each of food are 5 for 2 kind of menus, set doble ratio (just at begining)

^ Castle; set high or extortionate Cruel

# stockpile; sell other materials to buy all wood

# build 3 apple farm (as much as possible wood available at that time)
income from selling apples and taxes are used wisely
^granary; always bought completely all menus of food sufficiently amount 5 to 10
Every time receive taxes then bought woods and if the population has fallen nearly
50 it sets no tax until harvest after it set a high tax return

# Build apples, house, chesse, chicken until reach the composition;
16 apple farm; 5 chesse, 5 chicken; 7-9 houses (priority of building)

# Build the kitchen as soon as possible after reaching the rank of 2 and sets to double ratio

Always sell some crops - always supply the complete contents of the Granary and kitchen menus and (until could build the market for auto

#At rank 4 began to buy and collect the stones for the church
(built as soon as possible after priorities building established)

* If the church had been built then the set of double ratio and always supply candle in the end 5-10 until the 10 candles building has been established

^ Castle; set Cruel tax

# build 8-16 wood camp to recruit workers or more to collect much more of taxes
# Build house to maximum number

# At rank 8 build inn: set normal/extra; beer supply 5-10

^ Castle: Extreme Cruel set

# At rank 9 build the market

Market: food autosell 60 and other mine or the production of 1, 20
autobuy bakery; 100 wood, 5 beers; all menus kitchen a 5: auto stone buy
150, auto buy weapon ..

# Build Armory; engginer; center post, wall-gate-tower, etc.

before the peace time is over ,destroy the wood camp to got numbers of populations were required to train soldiers

I've never knew of settings that are faster to get a promotion or increase ranking in this type, and I NEVER LOOSE use it.

If there was an error in the writing please understood and help to translate... lol! lol! lol!
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Master Secret on LOWEST SETS, NO FOOD-RESOURCE, NO MINE,TRADE, PT 20 M, Starting from RANK-1
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