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 New Game Report Policy. Please Read.

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PostSubject: New Game Report Policy. Please Read.   Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:43 am

Alright, the game reports section is getting out of hand. The idea of game reports is to keep a record of really good games you played, perhaps using certain games as education for the newer players. Right now it's become about beating some other clan member and posting it to annoy them. This is not acceptable. So, from now on, if you post a game report that's clearly full of BS or you obviously intentionally do it to brag, you're post will be deleted and you'll get a 1 day ban. Later tonight I'm going to be looking into making a warning level system for the forum, so that might also come into play. If you continue to post game reports that aren't acceptable, you're bans will increase. Eventually we will perma-ban you if we have to.

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New Game Report Policy. Please Read.
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