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 M®.X VS Domino (uaes vs 7xt)

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PostSubject: M®.X VS Domino (uaes vs 7xt)   Mon Feb 22, 2010 10:34 pm

1 on 1 high setts

Domino's map

first round... he fucks up

Second round i fuck up (first min in pt xD)

Anyhow we do our eco's and i have 4 k less so that's doable.

Game starts we both bring out our troops. I make a dragon and sit back abit buidlling up some defenses.

Kronnick on the other hand tryed to push his left side of troops... while he didn't do alot with his right hand side of troops.

He pushes in pretty good at the point my dragon was ready he had more troops on the field.... but i had mine concentrated on the left side... while his right side was pretty.... useless..

Dragon used... he had some defenses with x bow and wells but not enough to survive my dragon...

50% was destroyed i think. He attacked my troops while i used my dragon... and had only 4 tower groups left...

Then he tryed fixing up his eco..... and i fucked up his army... and stood with my maces at his baracks... while my merlin attacked his right side.

Then followed defense... but in the end i gotten trough

Was a good game. Without dragon i think Domino would have won.



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M®.X VS Domino (uaes vs 7xt)
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