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 Mr.X&Just me VS Prometheus & Ezchi

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PostSubject: Mr.X&Just me VS Prometheus & Ezchi   Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:41 am

2vs 2 koth no trade 2 times

Map.... idk... looked like standaard volcano only with a limit that you can't move your king off the eco ground.

Anyhow first round start off. I mess eco up abit... trying to use a trick i stole from luffy... failed miserably lol Anyhow game goes on.. and prome and ezchi got bows out the first.

Think with eco doing abit better then prome, cause half way the game he said he forgot to make bread. So me vs prome was going pretty god. I was killing alot of his troops and getting closer.

Made gawain put him under tower and let him kill prome's towers worked pretty nice

Below me Was just me fighting ezchi... who had done a x bow eco.... and that was kinda hurtfull. Just me fought him off abit and used his merlin to kill Ezhci's troops. i gotten prome back abit and try to go for the centre (1 min for us 9 min and 10 seconds for them). And ezchi comes with merlin. I use my special and kill his... but
they had too many troops to fight back.

GG first round


Second round..

The excact same thing.

We make our eco's this time me doing god for a change. used the trick well and promoted as one of the first. Was still slower with bows but doing abit better then before. prome gotten quite alot troops out and i was holding back abit until i reached rank 8.... I try to attack prome but ezchi's x bow come upwards like a mobile tank and kill everyhing in sight

Just me was killing alot with his merlin once more.. and cleared the centre of ednemy troops but we couldn't keep ground.

So also in this round ezchi and prome won.

GG guys



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PostSubject: Re: Mr.X&Just me VS Prometheus & Ezchi   Mon Feb 22, 2010 8:59 am

Those were fun games. Ezchi and are good team, I use all archers, and go for getting an army out quick, he goes for much gold and xbows and takes his time, but makes strong force. I think in the first game i had archers on the hill for 2 mins before anyone had any troops on field...Second game the same I think.... But ezchi's xbows help a lot, I didnt really have to do anything special.
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Mr.X&Just me VS Prometheus & Ezchi
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