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 Fighting tips with arthur

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PostSubject: Fighting tips with arthur   Mon Feb 15, 2010 9:05 pm

Arthur 1 on 1 matches(high/low Trading setts)

1.) -Tower game
Arthur vs Arthur is tower game
And with this there are a couple of things you need to keep in mind.
First towers. Don't do to little else the enemy can simpley walk through you.
Also watch the angle. if you hit an enemy group by a good angle you hit the x bow instead of the towers. and if you put your towers facing enemy x bow fire they won't hit your x bow. Also if possible try to put empty towers in front of the tower with x bow to reduce the chance that they shoot your x bow down.
People always ask me how many towers they should do... Apparently.. making it routine with a certain number of towers is what people want... I got no regulation.
1 timei use 4 towers and 20 x bow. Other times i use 20 towers and 4 x bow.

I think best would be 7 towers and 16 x bow. Maybe even better with 15 x bow... but that's the line i keep in mind when i fight. I use towers also for other things so sometimes you will just see 7 towers from me without any x bow.

2.) -Angle shot
You can attack on towers from a certain angle to kill enemy merlin on tower(enemy towers may not move or this will be alot harder)
When merlin is attacking you you can move the x bow in an angle. if you select the x bow then and aim for the merlin they should be able to kill him.
Naturally, When you use merlin keep him on a distance... he should be just close enough to hit enemy without being hit himself!


3.) Gawain
Gawain is one of the more versatile units who can be used to attack with a group of maceman, but you can also shield you're own x bow from enemy fire. Best that i found it for would be a combination of them both. When i attack with a big group of x bow i put them close to enemy tower and sent in 20 maces as well for the party. If they run away they will be shot... if they stay i hit them so win win situation.


4.) Lancelot
This one is hard to judge by. Don't use him on your x bow cause they WON'T hit harder. You can use him in combination with maces and gawain.. or with maces and towers to shield them. I havn't incorperated lancelot in my strategisch cause i use alot of honour with dragon, however it's a 1 time investment and it can come in handy.


5.) Galahad
Can be used to heal you're merlin if it got hit almost till death by perci. If used your merlin can be back to most of his health and maybe survive another perci attack. Again this will ask alot of honour and will depend on your strategy. I use alot of hon with dragon so i can't incorperate galahad alot unless i got enough hon left


6.) Perci
Simply 1 use. Killing merlin. Well i found out a nice trick... when you wanna kill merlin with perci, let perci attack merlins head while he is on the tower. When the merlin goes down from the towers you still keep a red cross on his head and can easely know were to hit with perci blast Very Happy (Thx again Very Happy) Very conveniant if you can hit merlin in a building. Either shoot him in a building.. or hit merlin on his head! if he survives he can literary kill your whole army.

There are only 3 ways to kill a merlin

1.) Perci primarely used to kill merlin
2.) Merlin. Merlins special as a second resort.. Sometimes players make a daring move facing off merlin vs merlin. It's conveniant to keep perci close as backup plan.
3.) X bow. Angle shot. It works when enemy merlin comes too close


7.) Merlin
Try to use it's special right away when possible. Somehow merlin's life spawn ain't excactly long(maybe it's age? xD) so make sure he doesn't die with a full special left. (if enemy merlin attacks you make sure he can't use his special on your troops!)

Also in some tight situations when a perci comes put him down from the towers this increases the chance you survive the blast. When a enemy uses his perci on merlins head the merlin dies. but if not he got a big chance to survive.
Just make sure thta perci can't normally hit you're merlin! If this happens your royally screwed.
Put merlin always seperately from other x bows. perci will always aim for merlin and any x bow near it are an easy kill. If you put him on 5 towers on an open formation you can deal the most damage


8.) -Round Table
Put this one save behind walls!(even better gate's with towers. See defense topic that i will hopefully make soon xD). This thing costs 100 hon which you can't affoard to lose. And if you are making a dragon egg even more!. Best would be if you put 2 stone towers in front of it so that it won't be hit by trebs and gatehouses or such so that benni can't walk in either. Prome has a nice way of doing this... in my match vs him he killed
A. Round table 100 hon
B. Dragon egg 250 hon
C. Merlin who i just made 200 hon
Total screwness ammount -550 hon
Good luck winning a game with such a disadvantage


9.) -Trebbing
Not really much of a tip here, but if you can do so. Arthur matches will run out of gold fairly fast and trebbing will help you wear the other player down faster. if you treb right from the first second. The other player will be slowed down. He can't make troops at the fast speed, some troops will be hit and siegekamps(á 500 a piece) will be destroyed as well. This way you put presure on the enemy and will make him lose it's focus and gives you a big advantage. (with some big luck maybe a rock hits enemy merlin (happened i think 10 times in my history(my merlin then.... but maybe i am unlucky ))

10.) -Killing/stalling merlin
NOT EXPERIMENTAL!(old topic but i use it now it's worthwhile but it takes some time to get used to)
When you see a merlin closing in n you sent some empty towers towards it(5 or so in open formation.) when the towers are in the range of merlin sent some maceman and put them on the tower.
The maces can hurt/kill merlin then or in the least favourable case stall him so that you got time for perci to recharge.

11.) -The X towers (Love this name)
EXPERIMENTAL!( havn't been using it ever since so if your not interested scroll down further)
This is a trick i used a long time back. it is usefull and it works vs most players, but it takes some time to work good.
you make 5 towers as well as 5 swordsmen and put the swordsmen on top of the towers. then sent the towers towards an x bow tower. they cost 25 hon but they will get alot of victoriepoints fast so you get the honour back. Biggest laydown to this techniek is the ammount of time invested to get it running. too much time that i didn't found usefull to apply

12.) -DRAGON!!!!! DDD Very Happy
Sorry this is serieusly in need for caps. i got a 2 way thing here.....namely how to attack, and how to defend. Let's start with offense.
Dragon can make or break you if you are not prepared!

12.A) Offense
This is my specialty:D apparently little people know about how to use this type of dragon.... Ancient time back i fought a player who used arthur dragon.....And to my bad luck...his dragon was INMORTAL! kidding.... i made 20 harpoentowers and they were all.....useless....... Anyhow i luckely saw how he attacked and yeah i know how to use the same trick as him Very Happy
it is no cheat, no glitch no nothing. yu can call it a faulth in the programming but then again i doubt they ever wanted tower games to be invented Wink
Alright now the big secret. The Arthur dragon is faster then the harpoens it requires some training and some tries but you can attack something and move away just intime before you get hit by harpoens when you see the flame animation you need to move the dragon and flame something else if you repeat this you can burn the whole eco ^^anyone who only has harpoens and wells(brunnen for those of you who are german;)) as defense is asking to be hit by a dragon. Also it would be handy if you're opponment uses trebs to flame these down 500 a treb is easy monney Wink try to keep the dragon alive as long as possible. some players keep the iron mines off during the dragon event which will cost alot of monney for them. BE WARNED! when you use a dragon and the enemy has a good defense, The enemy can and will take over the battelfield. You have to watch you're dragon and if the defense is good enough the enemy can just keep his focus on the battlefield.
IMPORTANT! put any perci gawain and king on a save spot. Have had 4 king die's cause of dragon so be warned!
Lastly i seen a vid of holy using his dragon perfectly. He had an abundance of cash and while using his dragoon he used the shortcut B to select his baracks to keep making troops. A really handy technique Kudos to holy for this and sorry for stealing :S


12.B )Dragon Defense
Alright this goes into 3 steps actually:
Step 1
During pt.
Make 24 wells And put them off. Key possitions for wells are iron houses and a little with food. Don't make a market near burnable buildings!
Step 2.
Enemy uses dragon.
Delete you're baracks and place it near you're keep. put iron ofline and wells online and make 3 groups of x bow. 1 group goes to the granary 1 group goes to the iron and 1 near houses(if your eco is good you can put houses near iron to cover more ground with the x bow Put iron on again and put the baracks back and focus on the fighting. YOU CAN'T MAKE ANY TROOPS DURIN THE DRAGON! people are in use of the wells.
Step 3
Dragon is death.
Delete you're market and replace it with a new one.( Market will always keep on burning programming error :S) wait for the fires to be extinquished and put the wells off. replace the lost trebs if they have been destroyed and continue the game Wink Also repair a few oxes that have been destroyed

When the enemy uses another dragon only put the wells on and then focus on the game inmediatly. after the dragon is done look at you're eco. it could be that some buildings are gone now because of the damage then delete market and make it once more.


13.) King special
Yeah.........this one is essential in the game. and also causes the most death's.......namely you're own!. You have to use it to get an edge in the game however if someone hit's you're horse, and they don't like you, there is a big chance you lost already. Try to use this attack in combination with for exampel gawain. Also when pt is over. people don't expect an early attack so if you are fast enough you can put you're opponment in confusion. Last tactic. If you sent 5 towers in front towards enemy x bow and use king special there, the horses can be protected by the towers. attacking alot faster and killing alot more. Never buy new horses for your temporarely knights... unless 1 horse can kill a merlin else just don't.

Also tip from ceo.... King attack works perfect as a quick killing trick. some tricky players will use their king in combination with benivite... so when you attack someone and got them in defense... and think your king is save they side attack you and king kill ya. good tactic... only... not alot like it xD


15.) (lastly but for sure not least)-Maces... and recently seen a damn good player with knights.
This is a tactic i use for ages now... and recently seen a fighter who made his whole playing style circle around this... and didn't focus on x bow tower warfare. And his tactic was awesome. Anyhow.
When you got alot of towers near enemy x bow tower you can attack the tower with the maceman. The enemy x bow shoot at all you're towers and the maceman can easely kill the enemytowers. This tactic hasn't been implemented in alot of pro player strategisch, however it is one of the pro tactics i can advice. The biggest plus you get from this is victorie points...

My match vs ezchi i once won because i had 5statuees while he had 2

For training excercises you can try having 1 player with 7 towers and 24 x bow. And the other player with 7 towers and 24 maces. I can assure you that the maces will win Wink

Hope people will read it more this way now lol



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PostSubject: Re: Fighting tips with arthur   Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:33 pm

lol Very Happy i wanna see how you will kill mine 24xbows with your 24maces... must be a very unexperienced player who will lose this

well some nice things and some i do other way...

-about the tower amount, i built most of the time 2towers with 15xbows (2 because with 1 tower you wont escape king special) and if the towers are close to enemy ( i normally have a siege camp in middle) i built like 20 towers. then if the next xbows appear, i split 10 towers from the other group (20 if the xbows of other already died Very Happy).
after 10min i normally have then 30xbows with 24towers x3= 90xbows 72towers .... sounds much eh?
now try make the map smaller and smaller for your enemy, move the towers more together in front of his barrack the enemy mustn't see any ground now!!

-could suck: i sometimes have king+parci+bedivere+lancelot+galahad next to merlin... :S if parci comes you lose 300hnr !
and also if im sleepy i loose the knights'horses to xbows (every horse is 20hnr ... so take care of them!)

then you can use maces to kill his last tower setts (most player have 3 left ^.^ /rush experience Razz)

Pay attention of parci and merlin! if you see them coming delete ALL 90 xbows and rebuilt them (you can send them to front and sett them under the tower, there's no need to sett them on the tower because you should be in front of his barrack.

- i think in my whole player career i have sett mine iron like 5 times down (last time in tourney match vs egi, because i was 15min away and he had 3min of koth left Very Happy)

if other one use drag i just sett my wells on and dont care about it, (5xbows at granary, 5 at houses 10 at iron 10 at keep) i dont know why all sett their iron off?
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PostSubject: Re: Fighting tips with arthur   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:30 pm

when was the last time we fought? lol

Arthur i mean..

Anyhow if your interested i can show ya how my 24 maces will kill your 24 xbow with ease Wink

Bout dragon.... if you only do that i promiss ya your eco will be burned vs holy or me... but yeah if ya can get control enough who knows...



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PostSubject: Re: Fighting tips with arthur   

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Fighting tips with arthur
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