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 High eco games

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PostSubject: High eco games   Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:01 pm

First the general eco and after i give some tips to customise your eco.

1.) Make stockpile, place granary (double rations right away) make royal kitchen buy 5 of 1 kind of food and do double rations, place church buy 5 candle's do double rations, make market do taxes -12.

2.)Autobuy wood 200 autobuy all royal food 8 autobuy beer 8 autobuy candle's 8 autobuy bread 8, Buy 20 stone, Autosell iron at 1

3.) Make all houses, fill iron up completely. Then make 5 cheese (foodbuildings near granary ofcours) 4 meat and 4 apples.

4.) Make a few oxes to were you see iron forming up, then make 8 stone mines. (if your monney is gone make a armory and sell the weapons that you DON'T need)

5.) Important! make your inn when about 100 people are working in your eco and do taxes at -16.

6.) Customise your eco. You got alot of people left which can be put in several industri's. You can do hops/beer, candle's, meat, apples, bread (if stockpile is good positioned) ec. look down for tips.

7.) Place defense, let market autobuy the weapons your going to use, and if it's no rules game place your wells and put them off (24 will be sufficient)



-Try to turn buildings so that the walking distance decreases. For exampel the chandler shops. or beer.

-Never make your own weapons (is useless trust me)

-If you need chandle's in you're eco 9 good placed chandlers are enough. i think it is even possible to do with 8.

-If you are arthur you can also chose to use a bread eco. i have no idea yet which eco is better seeing that bread cost more wood in the beginning. in the long run bread eco is better i believe. For a bread eco you need to have a stockpile near you're granary(walking distance) and you need 6 bread 2 weed farms and 1 mill. !IMPORTANT!If you plan to do the bread eco, don't sell the weed/meal. You need this to have the eco fast up)

-Cheese is very slow so try to keep those at a minimum of 5 cheese

-If the settings are with high starting wepaons, it pays off to buy 20 stone in the beginning. When you run out of monney you can place the armory and sell all the weapons you DON'T need. This will give you enough monney to make almost the compleet eco.

-It might also be handy to make 2 royal eals producers near you're kitchen. Lot of people do this and maybe it pas off(make sure youkeep the walking distance to a minimum and That you autosell the eals at 8 or so ^^

-To make the granary running good all you need is 4 apples 5 cheese(6 for Evil/Ice) and 4 meat. However if you have enough people use them in the apples/meat industry.

-Make sure you have 8 stone buildings in you're eco. These 24 will be you're army once pt is over.(NOTE; If there is not enough room for 8 stone mines try to make the 24 people together by placing hops. this way when pt is almost over you shut down the hops and the stone while you autosell the hops)



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High eco games
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